leadership is not a tea partyLeadership is never easy. Leadership is not a tea party. Leadership is not a bowl of beans. Leadership no be akara. Leadership is wahala. It is a grave and grievous burden. The very few who have succeeded at leadership ventures have mostly taken it upon themselves to make the sacrifice of walking their talks.

davidoDavido may not have deliberately set out to make Sophia Momodu a laughing stock in the scheme of things but his actions has done the same damage within the last 96 hours to the point that she had to delete her Instagram page.

presidential debate 2019If only eloquence could win the presidential election, then one of the three debaters or any of the remaining hordes of the new entrants could be said to be already on the way to Aso Villa. Sadly none of them would even sniff anywhere near the Villa.

nice dipictionWhen you see most couples in Nigeria, the first question that will pop into your mind is, is she his mother or wife? Why Does She Look Older than Her Husband? The reason why men look more younger than their wives is because of bad marriage. If you want to tell a bad marriage, look at the wife and measure her looks with her husband.

igp idris

Was the ghost of late INEC Returning Officer of Kano hovering in the air when IG Idris visited Kano to deliver his speech that becomes TRANSMISSION and TRANSMITTED? Many might have forgotten that the current IG, Idris was the CP of Kano State when Buhari polled 2 Million votes and Jonathan only 150,000 in

igbo ladies

Whatever I am about to say does not hold true for every Igbo Lady from the East, I may have met the wrong set of Igbo Ladies or perhaps it was just bad luck but, my experience was personal and not in any way related to my experience while dealing with ladies from other tribes other than those from the East.

monetize your websiteMaking money from your website isn’t a myth. It’s doable by anyone. In fact, turning a part-time, hobby blog into an income-generating asset is fairly common with a bit of luck and some hard work.

the churchDon’t get it twisted. I am a Christian and I am not writing this article with bias but with a great sense of sadness and love, at the same time, at the injustices and deception at which darkness take the place of light.

trump fansHere in Nigeria you are always quick to shout yourself hoarse that your problems has its roots deeply in the Northern hegemonic rule of cabals. You believe so much in this narrative. You believe that the country's political system was deliberately skewed in favour of the northern region of the country to oppress others.

virtuous womanMany talk about her, many admire her, she's just like a star shinning for the world to see. The goodness in her exudes all good character traits and the joy of her love is strong, it brings happiness. She works with her hands and takes good care of her home. She comforts her husband in times of trouble. She teaches her children and trains them well.

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