Those Who Should Rule Won't Stand A Chance

presidential debate 2019If only eloquence could win the presidential election, then one of the three debaters or any of the remaining hordes of the new entrants could be said to be already on the way to Aso Villa. Sadly none of them would even sniff anywhere near the Villa.

That these newbies are these many and oozing with so much intelligence but could not forge a common front that would dislodge the monstrous old order is one of the major problems of Nigeria. So much intelligence everywhere but no wisdom. Even little Rwandans knew when to eschew their bitterness and bury their differences to fight and subdue their common enemy.

But not 'almighty' Nigerians. Our ego is our demon here. What hope in hell does any one of these political neophytes have against the two monsters with formidable presence in almost every towns and villages in the country? None I dare say. The sad realisation of our general lack of wisdom could only make you feel nothing but anger.

At this point, it is pretty obvious that building Nigeria into one of the greatest countries in the world is not that difficult, but we just lack the wisdom to bury our individual warped egos. That's all.