Leadership is not a Tea Party

leadership is not a tea partyLeadership is never easy. Leadership is not a tea party. Leadership is not a bowl of beans. Leadership no be akara. Leadership is wahala. It is a grave and grievous burden. The very few who have succeeded at leadership ventures have mostly taken it upon themselves to make the sacrifice of walking their talks.

This is what is lacking in Nigeria. Since 1999, all those who have aspired to the position of leadership in Nigeria have done so mostly for pecuniary reasons and this is largely our fault. Leadership is not viewed as a burden here. It is strictly a lucrative business, and this is why all manner of desperados swarm the scene.

I am yet to see any progressive nation on the fast lane of development and at the same time allowing their politicians to become instant millionaires just for the mere reason of winning election. This is the folly we allow here and still hope to see good governance. Never! This is not possible. I have not seen where those two lines sync favourably anywhere in the world.

Good governance can never thrive anywhere politics is celebrated and seen as the most lucrative venture. This is our albatross and we must first shake it off before we can hope for any semblance of good governance.