Yes I want to make wealth, we all want to be wealthy, so what’s next? Start Something.....

Southern Nigeria is an empty enclave with no gumption. Since 1993 till date, I have come to the sad realization that whatever the North rejects or accept goes in the country and the South could only grumble and remain silent afterward.

Child abuse occurs in a range of situations, for a range of reasons. Children are rarely subject to one form of abuse at a time. When they become adults, they can experience a range of psychological, emotional and social problems related to childhood abuse.

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Download MP3: Odun Yi(This Year) by McBaz

Here comes another wonderful jam from McBaz. After droping Teramo and Love You in 2017, the Komole crooner proves "This Year" is going to be a bigger one. This is a vibe you don't want to miss.


Many of us have the vision, zeal, are hard working, dedicated and above all have the finance to start-up any project or business, but we most of the time find it difficult to attain success when we should and we often times blame such challenges on the business we are doing or the location of the business and sometimes on the negative spiritual inclination of those around us when the root of the problem often lies with us.

I am not me, I am washed, cleaned, processed and wiped clean.

God loves you

I was, I am still a sinner, not because I choose to but because none is righteous but HIM. He decides, He reigns and He commands, I merely follow, obey and diligently seek him.

Why I Believe Nigeria Suffers A Leadership Challenge.....

Someone would ask “What do I really Mean?

I want to believe that everyone who has been stealing government funds to enrich their personal empires had parents who lived in this country and faced the hardship with us? If that is the case, then Nigeria is simply suffering from a case of not having capable parents who can raise morally sound, disciplined and selfless children that Nigeria needs to witness a reign of selfless leaders.

Business All the Way,

oseze tina inegbedion

I admire people who create their own destinies by starting a business no matter how small it is. It is not because they are starting something that intrigues me, but because I know that a full blown fire starts with a spark, and so any business, no matter how small it looks has the potential to become a large scale setup.

A library, in simple terms denotes a building containing several educational and informative materials which are accessible to the public. Being an arena that promotes knowledge, a library is very important in life generally because it acts as the intellectual memory of a place, either a nation or a community.

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First of all, some of us may have been hearing the term, “BITCOIN” but, are yet to understand the meaning, and so I’ll briefly explain what “Bitcoin” is;

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