crocodile browser

I remember the good old days. The days the Opera Mini browser was the undisputed king of mobile browsing. The days when Internet access for an internet-hungry Naija youth like me was more difficult than getting a dedicated nun to spend a whole weekend with you. Those were the days of all night browsing at the nearest Internet Cafe.

social media moneyI Believe in List Building and I know it works because I have seen people make serious cash from their email list with just a simple and straight to the point email about the effectiveness of a product.

june 12th

If you were born on the 12th of June, 1993, you'd probably know a lot about one of the most famous dates in Nigeria's post independence history.

After all it's your birthday. For most people born in 1993, the 12th of June doesn't mean much though.

Okonjo Iweala is not a politician. Forget the fact she worked for two PDP governments.

Ngozi Okonjo Iweala

But in the year 2014, she attempted to do what politicians always do; become magicians. Yes, good politicians must be good magicians to hoodwink the populace into believing they actually delivered on their promises. Like a true magician, she produced a hat. And then attempted to pull out rabbits.



This is what a man expects as he goes about the business of making Nigeria a great country:

  • He expects to wake up in the morning without wondering how he is going to get hot water for his bath;
  • Or how he is going to press his clothes;
  • Or whether the fuel in his tank would be enough to take him to work and back;
  • He expects to come back from a hard day’s job to relax in front of his tv while his favorite little daughter is pestering him about how hard her day was.

dating and money

If you gather a bunch of nice girls from nice respectable homes, put them into a room, and ask them to discuss a hot sizzling issue like dating, more often than not your group of girls would relegate the issue of money to where it belongs.

Saraki . President of the Senate

Let me describe a probable scenario for you. Just follow it casually. It's not complicated so you don't have to burst any vessels in your brains trying to make any sense of it.

Here it is:


What do men think of when they are doing absolutely nothing, just staring into the distance with unfocused eyes like a junkie living in his own private world?

Valentine: The Season of Love.

happy valentines day

I often wonder why we have decided to show the wrong type of love once in every 365 days. I often wonder why in spite of all said and done, the day that love should be shown to the less privileged, is the same day we try to show it to our lovers practically in any sense you can fathom.

fathers day

I have this niggling feeling Father's day was created as a response to the ubiquitous mother's day. But we all know nobody actually want to celebrate a day dedicated to people who really don't care about it in the first place.

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