It has become common place in Nigeria these days to see Nigerians throwing rights into the faces of all as if it is a piece of tantalizing akara.

Wherever you turn, you hear or read, my right this, or my right that; I reserve the right for this or for that; it is his/her rights to this or that..., no one has the right to dictate to and bla bla bla and whatever.

We are simply worse than vermin by the way we gobble up our collective patrimony like bunch of unthinking idiots. Like Ghanaians like Nigerians. Double faced people everywhere.
The Indians are not lucky to be the CEOs of the top five tech firms in the world. They are simply reaping the reward of honesty. As you lay your bed, so you lie in it. Watch the Video Below;

Today the human condition is unspeakably sad. Maybe even sadder here in Nigeria. Our bodies are fragile, our lives brief, each like the sputtering decline of a short candle, measured against the age of the earth itself, our deepest relationships with friends and family are of the most transistory nature, mere incandescent flashes of love and kindness that do nothing to light the great, endless, dark, flowing river of time.

Adùn is a song written to Inspire, Motivate and Encourage people, who are going through hard times. The song is telling us that things will definitely be better and fine in the end. Enjoy this beautiful piece from Graycee.


Saint Nico is a notable song writer, composer, instrumentalist and a performing gospel artist of our time. All his songs divinely emerge from Heaven's inspiration box. He has just released another single track titled OMEMMA meaning (Doer of good) in Igbo language. Goodness is one of the known attributes of God.


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