Fighting Gender Based Violence

Sadly enough, norms and vital etiquettes have been sold for pennies in this country, Nigeria. As we speak, it is even a crime to be helpful, talk more of standing out for others without getting into serious trouble with the law enforcement agencies. This is how messed up we have migrated to. Watch the video below for more understanding.

Larry King Is Dead

With profound sadness, Ora Media, announces the death of their co-founder, host and friend, Larry King, who passed away this morning at age 87 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Business Promotion

Fastclick Media was borne from the need to first of all provide online media presence to businesses before the decision to promote music was ever considered. It was during those early years of trying to get website development customers/clients, that the truth about surviving online hit me,

Pete Edochie Clocks 74

Renowned Actor and Film Star, Pete Edochie clocks 74 years today. I am merely reporting and have this to say about this actor. I think Pete is a jolly good fellow with lots of spiritual authority to understand the way things are runned, It is not easy to be an all-round success in this space and time without the leading of the Holy Spirit. Happy Birthday Pete.

Obi Kelvin Ezenyili For Oshimili South 2021

The Senior Special Assistant on Youth Monitoring and Mentoring to the Governor of Delta State, Obi Kelvin Ezenyili, is leading the movement for a more inclusive Governance as he makes a stand in politics to become the next Local Government Chairman of Oshimili South 2021.

Things To Know Before You Marry That Woman

I am delving into a topic that I absolutely have no experience to talk about but from hands on personal experience, I think I have some pieces of advice for men. Money is not everything, good loving is key.


This is an amazing discovery/innovation and would want you to hear it directly from the horses mouth. The man making this assertion is not a horse but a human and that was just a manner of speech. Oyibo nor go kill person, see more details after the cut.

How To Invite God Into Your Business

Ever wondered why it seems like you are always behind in the scheme of things, especially when it has to do with making money online? You are not really behind my friend, you have just not paid attention to the needful with respect to the line of business that you have suddenly found yourself in.

What Facebook Marketers Wont Tell You

I get to see alot of Ads on Facebook these days and I am beginning to wonder if the owners of these ads are truly Experts in their respective fields. The reason for my curiousity is hedged on the fact that they are not being sincere like they are claiming. No one can truly love another more than he/she can love him/herself.

Felixy In The Studio

Felixy a.k.a Felix Obiri (Born Oct 9th 1995), professionally known as Felixy, is a Nigeria singer and songwriter. He began recording music at the age of 12. He studied Political Science and Administrative Studies at the University of Port Harcourt. Felixy is back to the studio to bless us with a new song titled: "PHCity". See Photos after the cut.

Burnaboy Davido Battles

I still wonder what the beef was about between Burnaboy and Davido, that engineered the making of the FEM song by Davido. With so many unanwered questions on my mind, I could not make heads or tails concerning the issue and I gave up on it. While surfing on youtube this morning I stumbled on a video that suggested that Burnaboy responded to Davido's #FEM video and here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Mr. Sam Jibunor

I have never worked for anyone in my life, but your zeal to affect lives inspired me to join your company. I have always been a lone ranger with no loyalties anywhere and deciding to come and work with you has taught me the lesson that I need to be loyal for grace to be imparted.

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