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Music is Life and Living, be it Gospel, Oldschool, Secular, Reggae, you name it, there is this vibe that comes up when that melodious sound emanates from that speaker, it is heavenly yet, earthly depending on the kind of music. It is more like a taste of everything with no grapse on any particular thing. The feeling leaves you wanting for more, especially when such a sound has personally appealed to you.


The woman's nature is full of nurture. The woman was made naturally soft, tender, delicately attractive and very appealing to the eyes. For these reasons, Adam lost control of himself and grabbed Eve, cleaved to her without letting her go. He totally submitted himself to her tender care , motherly nurturing disposition to the point that he ate the forbidden fruit. Thus this aspect of woman's nature is quite invaluable. Show me a world void of woman and I will show you a world full of chaos.

The music video for Lojay and Sarz Afro-Amapiano hit song- Monalisa is finally out! Following the recent buzz of their hot and sensual EP ‘LV N ATTN’ that has assembled over twenty one million streams and received praise from many high-profiled media shops, Lojay – the quick rising Afro-Fusion act and the prolific and internationally famed, super-producer Sarz have premiered the must-see visual for their latest outro ‘Monalisa’.

When it comes to abundance and prosperity, expectations are very important. Expectations can be powerful especially if they are backed up with firm convictions and unwavering faith. Yes, you heard me, unwavering faith!

This is when you don't reside in the same town, city, or state with someone you are dating. In such a situation, the couple usually stay apart from each other and constantly visit themselves when the need arises. This situation can be tiring and mind torturing especially when trust is absent in such a relationship, below, is my own attempt at making you realise that longterm relationships can work if you put in the work.

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