Ya Yesu By Nanko Gimba Ft. Solomon Lange

[MP3] Ya Yesu by Nanko Gimba Ft. Solomon Lange

'Ya Yesu' Was not really my first baby, but I birth it first . So many years ago, in 2009 'ya yesu' kept ringing In my heart. Ya yesu is basically a song of gratitude of love shown to me all this years by God. Truly if it takes eternity, how long will it take for me to pay back. I am grateful for God's gift of love to all humanity, me in particular. I jokingly say at times 'God too get my time. At times when I am not likable, He is always there. Ya Rabbana... I remain loyal.

Nanko Gimba is from Jos, Plateau state. A mother of four lovely Children am also a career lady. Presently doing a masters in Public Administration. She loves God and she feels music is something everyone listens to. She loves people. She has a passion for clean environment and is presenting to you: Good music that will bless your soul. She stands for justice, everyone should get what they deserve. Truth.. Standing for honesty At all times.... Fair play... Best candidate should win. She would love to see change, progress and positive growth in people with hope in their lives.


Ya Yesu by Nanko Gimba Ft. Solomon Lange

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