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What Do Women Want

The Irony of what a Woman wants

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So regina Askia had a disagreement with a follower, (am just going to take the side of the follower who asked what she gained after turning on a camera and discussing her failed marriage with her son on camera and posting it on social media.). What do women want to achieve with this foolishness of posting their private affairs on social media?

If she didnt do it for the glam, it should be to attract public sympathy or to send the STRONG WOMAN (who made it after all) message to members of the public.

What did she now gain with SUCH foolishness? SHE COULD HAVE SIMPLY HAD THAT CONVERSATION WITH HER SON IN THE PRIVACY OF HER CAR. WHY SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD. ALL THESE women drama of coming to social media to demonize their ex-husbands for their failed marriages and playing victim all the time now sounds like a broken record to me these days.

I REALLY want to skip these articles and videos. THIS THING THEY PURGE MY BELLE (iN PIDGIN) and i think we have other serious issues affecting our lives and country, one of which is the fullani herdsmen attack, hunger, islamization of Nigeria, CORRONA VIRUS, the endless looting and even this suspension of Premier league football and the long delay of the Champions league match between CHELSEA VS BAYERN munich.

These other issues are way more troubling, the way this thing is going, it may likely make me sound insensitive to other women when they suffer genuine domestic abuse. My brothers and sisters una need to even see the video sef, it was staged managed and in category D production. (LIKE REALLY LOW BUDGET.) I just they vex for here. I miss Senator DINO melaye.

Na this kind thing Dino for help me pass bill make them ban women for posting such videos. E Be like say Lie Mohammed no they active again. Na this same thing self make a man of God like Reno Omokri contravene God's Commandment TO call these type of women FOOLISH FOOL 2DAYS AGO.


Just before I go, guess what, you know Regina Askia still sleeps with this same man that she has spent all her time, data and energy and all her life demonizing. This is what these BITTER WOMEN DO. The they HELP YOU DESTROY YOUR MARRIAGE IN THE OPEN and yet they secretly try to build theirs. Foolish and gullible women will think SHE MADE IT ON HER OWN AFTERWARDS .

YET, what they dont know is that REGINA made it in a joint effort with her husband and she's now trying to undo the things she did in the past by trying to build a relationship with THAT SAME MAN AND HER KIDS. Irony of what a woman wants. #confused

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