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I Have A Dream Westlife 01

Westlife - I Have a Dream | WATCH VIDEO

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I have a dream by westlife is one of their most relatable song that will be ever green because everyone at a point in their life definitely have a dream and have a purpose for which they are living that life for, don’t you have a dream? So what’s your dream?

You have a dream to get to the top of that career, where everyone will be celebrating you, yours might be to give birth to that child and you can feel the joy of motherhood, is your dream just to be loved genuinely for the rest of your life? Or like Martin Luther King who also made the phrase ‘I have a dream’ more popular, he had a dream that a black man will be America’s president, that dream came to pass even if it was after his death. I have a dream, something I so much believe in, it gives me push, and it keeps me going, I can see the future, even if there is so much darkness on the way to my destination, my dream will see me through even if it is still miles away, I will cross the stream, im enjoying the fairy tale of this life, all because I have a dream

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