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Flying Without Wings By Westlife 01

Westlife - Flying Without Wings | WATCH VIDEO

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flying without wings’ by westlife is a song that put you on high with so much feeling and emotional rush, no wonder it is the band's third-most streamed song of all time,  even if you listen to it today you will doubt that this song was released in 1999.

The best and easy meaning of the metaphor ‘flying without wings’ is to be on top of the world, because you are so happy, you are so much in love, you got a rare promotion, you just got blessed with a bouncing baby and all. We all have that one thing that we are looking to have because we feel it will complete us, you might have found yours, and others might still be searching for theirs, these things are usually found odd places, when you find it, it gives you joy from within that you can’t deny and you are flying without wings. Where do you find that special thing that completes you? Is it in that long term friendship, is it in the words of your partner, or in every special moment you share together, what about in the face of your kids? Wherever you find that thing, that gives you that special feeling, that completes you, then you are flying without wings.

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