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Celine Dion - A cause | Watch Video

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A cause is a French word which means because, ‘A cause is a French love song that focuses on the reason we love each other despite all of the shortcomings. Why do we love each other despite…..? We love each other because of that day we finally spoke, we love each other because we have a dream of starting a sweet home in New York, or because we want to build our own Garden of Eden.

I love you despite that you are not as tall as I am, I love you despite you being away for some days, I love you despite not having hazel eyes. When you think at times, you also wonder why you love you partner so much despite him been a bully at times, so have so many reasons that you keep counting on like, you love him because of the memories of childhood that you share together, the different vibes and phases you have been through together for 15 years, because of the way our love transform itself, it’s because of the way we stuck together because of the despites. I love you because I find you in both my dreams and reality, I love you because…..

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