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All Because Of You By Celine Dion 01

Celine Dion - All Because Of You | Watch Video

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This is a love confession song, it explains the difference and changes that are happening in one’s life all because of the special person in your life. I now love to be wrapped in your arms, I can hear your heartbeats, my room has become a place I want to spend lot of time because of the precious moments I had there with you.

I’m swimming in love that has no boundaries, I  thought my heart would never feel love anymore until you came with an irresistible one, the way you make me feel complete is so strong, you give answers to every unsolved puzzles in my life, I feel I’m on top of the world now, life now has a different meaning, all these is because of you. Westlife in this song try to describe some special feelings you can feel just because of the partner, the way you feel cannot be tied to one type of way, each time you look into his eyes, you just can’t believe all that you see are real, you want to stay so close that you can share even in the breath they breath in and out, it now seems like a brand new world, all because of him or her. 

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