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A World To Believe In By Celine Dion 01

Celine Dion - A world to believe in | Watch Lyrics Video

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In every area of your life, there are different beliefs that you hold on to which determine some of the things you do and affect how you relate with the different people in your life. ‘A world to believe in’ by Celine Dion is a love song that shows that you can have an imperfect world (a world of your love affairs), despite these imperfections, there would be some things in that world which makes it a world to believe in.

There is no relationship without its hiccups because it’s a world of ups and down, a world that sometimes makes you cry and even make you feel pain in your heart, no matter how dark these times can be, there is still some things that shines light on this darkness which makes it a world to believe in. the dreams you and your partner have together for each other might seems unachievable, you might even turn your back on this relationship at some point, but the faith he left in you, the high level the feelings from him get you to, because only that love hear what you are not always saying, only in that world do you live and dream at the same time, there is always an hope that always stand strong during all of these, and it gives you a world to believe in.   

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