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Adeste Fideles By Celine Dion 01

Celine Dion - Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful)

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Adeetes Fideles’ is a French phrase which means ‘O come on all, ye faithful’. It is a gospel hymn that goes back a long way, but was sampled by Celine Dion with her melodious voice. It is a Christmas song, calling on all believers of Jesus Christ to gather to worship and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

A song that you will find Christians all over the world sing during carols or any other services during the Christmas period. In the song, brethren as asked to come together as they do fellowship in one accord, to come in a happy and celebration mood and atmosphere, the location is Bethlehem, (the city where Jesus was given birth to but during this Christmas services, the church and every other place you gather to adore the great event can be seen as Bethlehem), where you sing in exaltation of his holy name, angels gather together to worship the birth of the king of angels, in an atmosphere where you behold the presence of Jesus Christ the King. As Christians, you are a citizens of heaven which you are supposed to be worship the name of God regularly, the birth of Jesus Christ is a significant one that means a lot on earth and in heaven, which require that we come together in a joyful and victorious atmosphere, to adore Christ the king.

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