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Why You are not Earning 6 Figures Monthly, from Your Business

Fastclick Media was borne from the need to first of all provide online media presence to businesses before the decision to promote music was ever considered. It was during those early years of trying to get website development customers/clients, that the truth about surviving online hit me,

this was around 2016, till date, this truth has remained, because, I have observed that it accounts for the major reason why most businesses are still here with us while many of their competitors have either packed up or been frustrated from doing business online.

Over the years, I have come across so many web development websites online, and I must be very objective here, these websites have;

  1. Better Web Designs
  2. Better Presentation
  3. A More Professional Look

The Big But?

While these websites will be chosen at the speed of light if given the opportunity to shine amongst them in a physical contest, they were found wanting in a contest that goes on daily on the internet space. This contest states that you must make yourself (your website) visible to a new batch of persons on a daily basis. This contest does not value whatever you do offline to grow your business, it involves finding your desired customers online if you have decided to be online. What I see often, is that most people just want to be online, thinking and believing that, that is enough to be found online. My dear friend, that lie is from the pits of hell. Just being online is not a guarantee to earn online, you must devise a strategy to keep attracting visitors to your website and your strategy must be peculiar to what you currently offer as a service and not far from it.

Strategies and Big Brands

How they deploy their strategies is not important to us, that is their trade secret, but the fact that you are hooked on any of the sites listed below, shows that their strategies are in top gear, you need to deploy your own strategy as an online consultant. Don't belittle yourself, having a service rendering or product offering website online automatically makes you an online consultant, but you always have two choices, to either live up to the name by constantly upgrading your knowledge based on your calling on the internet or you remain retrogressive and die off overtime, 

  1. For Facebook, the strategy is simply to keep you as a lifetime user, the reason you have been on Facebook far more than you have actually surfed the internet in the past 24 hours, Facebook is more interested in creating an amazing user experience.
  2. For Twitter, the strategy once again is simple, but their own startegy is far more subtle than that of Facebook, Twitter is officially the world's largest blogging platform and the truth be told, their content is owned by me and you.
  3. Google on the other hand is father of them all. They focus on creating a rich user experience and that's why you now prefer their email service to Yahoo or Msn's email service, you even prefer their search engine to other search engines, the reason why the word "Google" can now be synonymously used in place of  the word "Search".


You Must Work It Out Daily

Believing the above lie is one of the many reasons why most of our parents believe that doing business online is taking the easy way out (being lazy as they say) and also the reason why they are not willing to support our youths. Just like a physical business, you must make a deliberate and conscious effort to ensure that you;

  1. Work it out daily (have a daily plan for survival),
  2. Make plans to gain more customers/clients daily,
  3. Endeavor to create new content for your business daily,
  4. Endeavour to restrategize at the event of a failed strategy and finally;
  5. Realise that your options are to WIN or Win.


Website Visitors Analysis

If you have been creating new content regularly, I can try to give you a detailed classification of your website visitors but won’t be able to do that until we have a connection, but I can give you a broader and more considerate one;

  • Ninety percent (90%) of your website visitors are not your customers;
  • Five percent (5%) of the remaining ten percent (10%) will be willing to patronize but they don’t have the funds to;
  • Four percent (4%) of the remainder are your future customers, they have the funds and they are interested but they don’t have a business to promote;
  • The remaining one percent (1%) will be willing to do business with you but would want to buy enough time to test your resolve and integrity in business


Delibrate Promotion is Key to Business Survival.

The above one percent (1%) will stress the living day lights out of your existence, if you don't take conscious efforts to deliberately promote your business. They will be responsible for raising your hopes emotionally and will never commit to your business financially. They will always be around to cheer you up and give you hope and at every point in time, they will make it obvious that they gave their money to your competitor and there is nothing you can do about it, truth be told, they want to patronize you but, they don’t trust you yet and so banking on their patronage because you think they exist and will invest in you some day will run you out of business. They know you are better, they see that you are better at what you do, they even know your rates are better but as we all know, people prefer to do business with the devil that they know than the angel they don’t know.

The Good News is that you can get them to turn around by looking beyond them to advertise your business rather than assuming that their patronage will save the day and be faced with a pile of bills you need to offset sooner for your business to remain afloat.

By advertising, I am not saying you should go and randomly post your content on Facebook, for your friends and their friends to see as usual and do nothing. They will obviously do nothing, and the reason is because they are from the tribe of the 1 percent we just talked about.

To Promote today;

  • Setup a Facebook Page for your business
  • Create a Facebook Ad for your business
  • Start promoting your Brand Online
  • You will need a Monthly Budget for this.
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