The Ideal Woman

Ideal Woman (Best Place To Shop for Original Underwears/Fittings)

The first time I visited this shop, I went with my Boss and his wife and it was an exciting time out. I remember making a promise to the CEO of The Ideal Woman, (Ifeoma Amaluwa) to be back with my wife to do some shopping. With so much to think about, I probably forgot to tell my wife and that ended that episode.

Some days back, I paid another unplanned visit with some of my colleagues at the office to the Ideal Woman and must say one thing for sure; Ifeoma Amaluwa treats her clients with a certain level of respect and sincerity that blew my mind away, with the comments that kept going back and forth, it was made very clear that her customers, enjoy coming to the right place to do their shopping and Ideal Woman was one of such places within Asaba.

Ideal Woman is a shop for women and men with so much emphasis on women as the name suggests and they deal on;

The Ideal Woman

  1. Bras & Pants;
  2. Tights & Girdles;
  3. Body Shaper;
  4. Waist Trainer;
  5. Leggings & Jeggings;
  6. Boxers & Singlets;
  7. Night Wears;
  8. Bed Sheet & Towels
  9. Artificial Buttocks.

Before now, I once believed that some things could not be faked with the beauty of a woman, but realising and actually feeding my eyes with varieties of item number 9 on the above menu, sold the idea that much is left to imagined with any beautiful woman you come across but that is an issue to be dealt with another day. Now I understand why the business slogan of the Ideal Woman is: "All U Imagined".

The Ideal Woman is located, directly opposite Asaba Township Stadium Gate at No.1 341 Nnebisi Road, Asaba, Delta State. To contact, Ideal Woman, you can call the following numbers: 08037119527, 07017425669.

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CALL: 08141642750 TO ADVERTISE

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