Pete Edochie At 74

Our Nollywood Patron (Pete Edochie) Clocks 74 Years Today (March 7th)

Renowned Actor and Film Star, Pete Edochie clocks 74 years today. I am merely reporting and have this to say about this actor. I think Pete is a jolly good fellow with lots of spiritual authority to understand the way things are runned, It is not easy to be an all-round success in this space and time without the leading of the Holy Spirit. Happy Birthday Pete.

 Facts About Pete Edochie

  • Pete Edochie was born in Enugu on March 7, 1947.
  • Pete Edochie is considered one of Africa’s most talented actors,
  • Pete Edochie takes life easy and plans purposefully for everything and this makes his life worth living.
  • Pete Edochie is the father of Six Children with Yul Edochie being the last of the pack.
  • Pete Edochie is credited with over 18+ movies to his name

Some of the Movies done by Pete Edochie are; Secret Pain (2007), Fair Game (2006), Holy Cross (2006), Lacrima (2006), Living with Death (2006), Mr. Harrison Passage of Kings (2006), Simple Baby (2006), Zoza (2006), Azima (2005), Baby Girl (2005), End of Money (2005), Living in Tears (2005), Never End (2005), No More War (2005), Ola... the Morning Sun (2005), Price of Ignorance (2005), The Price of Love: Life Is Beautiful (2005), Sacred Tradition (2005), The Tyrant (2005), Across the Niger (2004), Coronation (2004), Dogs Meeting (2004), Anacho Dons in Abuja (2004), The Heart of Man (2004), King of the Jungle (2004), Love from Above (2004), My Desire (2004), Negative Influence (2004), The Staff of Odo (2004), St. Michael (2004), Above Death: In God We Trust (2003), Arrows (2003), Billionaire Club (2003), Egg of Life (2003), Honey (2003), Love & Politics (2003), Miserable Wealth (2003), The Omega (2003), Onunaeyi: Seeds of Bondage (2003), Rejected Son (2003), Selfish Desire (2003), Super Love (2003), Tears in the Sun (2003), Tunnel of Love (2003), When God Says Yes (2003), Battle Line (2002), My Love (2002), Tears & Sorrows (2002), Greedy Genius (2001), Holy Ghost Fire (2001), Terrible Sin (2001), Oduduwa (2000), Set-Up (2000), Chain Reaction (1999), Lost Kingdom (1999), Narrow Escape (1999), Living in Darkness (1999), Rituals (1997), Things Fall Apart (1987).

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