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Lyrics of the Song "Google" by Eddy Toma

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They call me eddy
they follow me everywhere o
my name is e d d y(eddy)
the music is everywhere o

So before you google me update your account
see ajekpako, wen dey form butter
we re dancing shaku why you dey dance alanta?
chairman this your bad mouth fit land you for under. .....

Verse 1
See the life the life we are living, e nor easy
see the life the life we are living, some people them faking reality, living the life they see on tv, bisi be real.
I pray you collect your blessings some day
so you can live like wizzy and wandecoal, find true love like 2face and annie, banky and adesuwa.
hardworking dey pain body, but surely e dey bring money, nor envy those when don make money, cos you nor know wetin eyes dey see, ovwian igho e nor easy, shut up and make money.

So before you google me update your account
(I nor like wahala)
ajekpako wen dey form butter (I don get raba), we dancing shaku why you dey dance alanta
chioma this your bad mouth go fit land you for under {2×}

Verse 2
They said we are doing this and doing that
boys are pressing this and pressing that
herdsmen are killing this and killing that
men are rushing in and rushing out straight to jand,
in the journey of hundred one sitting and 99 standing, in all of these suffering in this country, we are still chopping and smiling, ehh,
nor look for trouble o, be focus and humble o,
say nor be by struggle o, you go take make this money ,bubble oh, more grace to your elbow o, na God get muscle o, bubbles to your bottle o, cool down my paddy

Chorus {3×}
Every night and day when i dey hustle o
you dey watch football o, now when I don make my name, you start to dey yan with your mouth o. 
from studio to studio o, na so I dey hustle o,
na you get your mouth to yan orpater
my guy make i chop my money

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