Pains - Justice (Fresh Music)

Ewo Chikamso Jerry is an Afro pop and blues singer and songwriter who is popularly known by his stage name JUSTICE. He was born on 28th of March 2000 in Uzamdun Obeagu Awkunanaw in Enugu South Local Government Area of Enugu State. 

He acquired his primary education in Community Central School Obeagu Main and secondary education in Community Secondary School Obeagu Awkunanaw.

This young and fast rising artist started his career from childhood at the age of 7. He started with singing poems and other kid songs, then at the age of 10 he started making songs of his own but just that he didn't take this passion seriously.

When he discovered that he really had a musician's talent, was when he turned 16. He simply fell inlove with creating sounds and three years after, he drop his first single titled; Choice and his stage name back then was ChizzyJay.

After releasing Choice, he encountered some challenges and had to quit doing Music for a while. 

When he came back to the industry to continue with what he derives joy in doing, the young artist decided to change his name and everything about him, and he choose the name Justice. A name he chose to remember his rights that was covered and denied him in the past.

Justice is currently out with a new sound titled; "PAIN".  




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