Having a Web History of your Events & Functions is very Important to your Music Career.

Many artists will want to argue that their music is different from their personal lives, Goodluck to you, if you possess such a mentality.

With the advent of Social Media, your business and your personality are now same and indisputable entities and so your life should be patterned towards progressing your career and not marring it.

Dear, musical artists, make it habit document your birthdays, shows and events online as it will help you a great deal to get the recognition that you want faster than you can ever imagine. 

While documenting your events, ensure that the following are duly observed;

1. Your Real name and your stage name should be boldly highlighted (stop the habit of changing stage names anytime you feel like, stick to a name and die with it)

2. Your social media handles should be boldly highlighted.

3. Links to your songs should be boldly stated so an interested viewer can access more of your content online.

One Major Reason Why Your Web History is Important as A Musical Artist.

The owner of a record label may have just attended the same event with you and was not given any opportunity to meet with artists who participated in the event just because the organizers of the event intended to monetize everything and felt they needed to receive payments from these artists before they can link them up to the judges or celebrities of the event. 

Many of these men and women who were restricted from seeing you because of dirty Nigerian politics in everything that we do, may have been interested in working with you after seeing your performance. 

Having a Web History of events or Web Track Trail as I earlier said it may just be the only opportunity to do so if they can mistakenly find you while consulting google about the said event online.

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