You Can Invest In Real Estates if You Have the Capital. I will show you How...

You Don't Really Need To Have A Real Estate Need to Buy A Landed Property, You can buy Real Estates to secure your capital and also gain as much as 500% -1000% or More Returns on your Investment after selling that property.

Only financial illiterates keep money in the bank where inflation, abusive bank charges and schemes by 419ners can access and deal with it, big time money merchants invest in real estates because they are aware that it appreciates over time and can secure their capital.

When you put your money in the bank, they trade with it and eventually offer you peanuts in terms of accrued interest, you hardly ever notice that you were paid an interest. 

Even the Fixed Deposit Scheme was not created to favour depositors but the banks. For most banks it is not above 6% per anum which will be divided by 12 and delivered to you monthly. 

Let's just say you have 10,000,000 Million naira in a fixed deposit in Bank A and you are expected to receive interest on that 10,000,000 monthly, at 6% per anum, this is what you should expect monthly from your 10,000,000 deposit;

10,000,000 X 6/100 = 600,000.

600,000 Divided by 12 months will give you 50,000 per month. 

That same amount of capital can be doubled within a year by just buying and selling one very hot property. 

Normally, when you buy a phone and immediately decide to sell it that same day or the next day, you will discover that no one is willing to buy it at that same amount that you claimed to have bought the phone, it happens that what you will eventually sell that phone may be 5,000 or more lesser than your initial purchase price, this is called depreciation.

It is assumed that the attached value of that phone as at that the time you purchased it is far higher than its current value at the time you made a decision to resell even when the time between both events is less than an hour. 

The only escape from this depreciation clause is perhaps when you are a phone dealer yourself and have a variety of phones to display or perhaps you have a phone shop. 
We all can't be phone sellers/dealers.

In real estates, there is nothing like depreciation, all you have is appreciation. 
From the very minute you buy a piece of property, the value has reason just by the mere fact that it has changed hands. 

The transaction of buying that property has imprinted and stamped the last purchase price on the sands of time.

Right now, we have so many properties for sale. Majorly Lands within Okpanam and Isele Azagba axis. 

A few years back, one could secure lands in the above areas for as little as 800,000 per plot, but right now, those same properties are worth as much as 5,000,000 per plot.

Invest In Real Estates Today. 
We are waiting for you.

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