One Major Reason Why Most of All the So Called Good Girls Are Still Unmarried

Many women wonder why, inspite of their "goodness", they are yet to find a man to settle down with or better put, why a man is yet to find them suitable as wives.

I know giving all you have to a man is worth the effort but if a man is already getting everything that he desires from.a wife, from you while dating you, will there be any need to pay the bride price to get it anymore?

It is not by giving guys everything oh. Are you seeking validation from a guy?

If you are, it means something is wrong with you as a lady.

If you want a real man, be true and open to God Almighty. 
In your prayers stop validating yourself, express your weaknesses before him and be true to humanity. 

If you have bothered to check, those who have been true to nature from day one have all married, but while they were being true to themselves, we called them bad girls and the ones we called the good ones were doing same thing under the guise of choir practice, church going and all the good deeds they did to bear the name good girls while their hearts secretly yearned for all the actions the so called bad girls were having and God was watching. 

Sin is not the action, it is the intent. If you like keep it in your heart and not say it or perform it, nature will act on it and duplicate it in your future or in that of your kids, karma is a bitch. 

The long and short of all I have said is that pretense is responsible for all the bad things that come to us. If you like a thing, go for it, if you don't and you find yourself doing it, pray for grace to stop it,  but never laugh at people openly doing it while you do it in secret or pretend that you don't do it while you are the chief architect of the act.

To get anything in life, you must exchange a vice for virtue. That's how you attain purity. 

To those seeking for husbands, hope una don hear. 

No one is good, not even me. If people call you a good man, watch it, if you know they are lying because you are  deceiving them, it will come back to you multiplied a thousand folds, that's how nature works. 

Nature balances our actions and inactions one way or the other through karma a tool of God to govern the earth.

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