Wakirike - Gashionnite (Hot Music)

Gashion Seiwoyemiemer Namapele Jackson is popularly known as Gashionnite A.K.A Sir Gash was
born on the 20th of December, 1987. He is the 6th child, out of 8 children. He is from Okrika Local Government Area of  Rivers State (Niger Delta region in Nigeria)

Gashionnite loves everything that has to do with entertainment, from Dancing, Singing, Acting .etc. Gashionnite has just released a new song titled: "WAKIRIKE" which means "We are not Different" with respects to his clan.

This song is specially for  the people of "WAKIRIKE" to love one another, care for one another no matter where we find ourselves. Out of the struggles and internal enmity from the past between us. This time we must succeed for this is our time.

We are  Okrikans, we are  WAKIRIKE.



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