The Mentality Of The Average Igbo Lady From The East


I used to have a girlfriend from the United States of IMO. She was fair skinned, self centered, highly opinionated and was sexy as fuck. 

It was from her that I realized that being a man goes beyond having money, you must also be mentally mature to handle women. She had the mindset that a man was built to take all the rubbish that a woman could throw at him. Yes, I can only concur to such a frame of reality when the woman in question has a positive strength of character and not a negative one. 

Before I proceed further, I would love to state that Igbo ladies are the best women to make wives, but before deciding on turning your Igbo girlfriend into a wife, critically look at her background, your current challenges with her and finally, look at your status with her in your life;

Does she reverence you?

Does she care for you?

Does she feel the same way you feel when addressing certain issues that are paramount to your existence together?


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