The Strenght Of Perspectives, Reset & Move Forward



Beautiful & Faulty Website Design

Ever wondered why it seems like you are always behind in the scheme of
things, especially when it has to do with making money online? You are
not really behind my friend, you have just not paid attention to the
needful with respect to the line of business that you have suddenly
found yourself in.

You can change all that today, you just need
to reassess yourself and put away all obvious hindrances that are not so
obvious from your point of view.

If you have a website and you
are not making money, perhaps you should consult an expert to review
your website to find out why those sales are not coming. What often
looks cool to you may be driving away your website visitors, it's all
about perspectives.

Yes, your webpage may look like the best
professionally designed for your line of business but if as a result you
muddle a lot of stuff up, you may eventually end up confusing your
website visitors and they are always one click away from leaving your
website if they get disinterested.

What's your perspective about Money? 

You think it's just about those
branded bills? If you go chasing the paper money, money in its true form
will evade you. Money is a spirit that can't be chased with hardwork.
You can only chase money with wisdom.

And true wisdom is in realizing that money is value and not paper.

How to Truly Chase Money;

  1. Solve a problem and you will make money; 
  2. Possess a great product and people will line up at your door; 
  3. Do the impossible and people will want to pay you for that knowledge; 
  4. Find
    faster and easier ways of doing stuff that are usually tedious and time
    consuming and the technology is yours to franchise.

So, you see that being petty chases real money away?

What's your Perspective about People? 

How do you treat people? 

Do you
build relationships or you simply destroy any chance of one before it
starts to bud. In business, people matter a lot. Without people you
can't sell or buy from yourself, that's is why you should be careful
about how you treat people.

In business (offline or online), you
need to have a team of personal loyalists who have the same dreams and
aspirations like you and to do that, respect is reciprocal. If you treat
people like rubbish, you may not have the opportunity to see what it
could have been to execute tasks without cash in your pocket and yet
things are moving fine. 

A lot of people waste money on jobs that team
work would have been able to do, but just because they have always been self centered, selfish and petty over little and great things, people who
would have mattered in their lives are suddenly nowhere to be found.

Don't Just Build A Business, Build Relationships.

Where is the Place of "God" in your business? Do you reverence Him at all in it?

really don't need to fast and pray to invite God into your business on a
daily basis, you only need to be fair in your dealings. God has made
you in His image and likeness, and all you need to do is to allow God's nature
shine through you to the very hearts of your customers.

Let me
let you in on something wonderful and I'll end with this. 

God loves you
and wants your business to be successful but we hinder His works in our
lives and businesses when we lie or cheat our customers and fail to
reach out to the poor and needy. 

He can only bless your hustle when He
knows you will be a firm and Courageous disciple to His mission on

God loves you more than I can ever describe or fathom.

2022 is a good and blessed year not minding what the devil may want it to look like at the moment.

Look up to your Father in heaven and every brick of confusion will fall out of place in due time.




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