Learn to work with Herbs if you are a Herbalist like Me.


I Love Herbs a lot. 

I will prefer drinking Ginger and Garlic in liquor solution to drinking any form of Pharmaceutical antibiotics. 

They are both antibiotics but ginger and garlic will empowers your anti-bodies and immune system to fight external aggression while a regular pharmacy antibiotics will fight both your immune system and any external aggression within the body.

Replacing artificial medicine with natural (herbal) medicine is not actually the problem, the problem is knowing how to use and work with herbal medicine. 

The best time to to cut herbs from the tree or the ground is when the sun is out and still visible.

Our grandparents will say do not pluck herbs in the night because they are sleeping. That's another way to see it.

They are living things, and they are in different states during each period of the day.

Scientifically, during photosynthesis the plants are breathing. 

Releasing what they don't need (oxygen) and taking in what they need.

That is the perfect state to cut them from their source and use them.

They don't breathe at night, and everything that is supposed to be expelled from within them is still there.

They expel it during the day when sunlight is visible.

Thanks for reading.

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