A Mission to Self Discovery

Apart from being flesh and blood and in quote "dust”, you're not ordinary. If there could be a throwback on how our being was built with the various entitlements implanted in us as persons, mouths will remain ajar. 

If the creator had placed everything on a planter of gold, no one will ever be beneficial and steadfast in the lane of life. He needed us to journey deep into ourselves and pick the bright shone treasures that he has placed in us. Know ye that the journey could not be easy. He made it this way so when we succeed in the mission we would appreciate what we've got, maintain and keep it. 

The mind is like an island with so many treasures and also filled with wild and bloodthirsty animals who could devour you if not well-armed. So the mind which is in the body as part of it has so many treasures endowed in it and needs to be haunted and harvested for the rightful use. 

The quest for this discovery is first, getting grounded on the kind of treasure being implanted in you as a person. It is your solemn duty to you as the owner of your mind IF you have the interest to. This whole explanation is what I call self-discovery. 

This discovery journey does not require a rush nor does it require a dull moment. It doesn't require rush because a plan should be set by you, the right weapons should be implored and courage would come and settle within you because the journey is not easy and has never been easy. 

It doesn’t require dull moments because our time on earth keeps running out, each and everyday day we say good morning to our neighbours. 

Now is the time. 
You are an ancient invention... 
Discover yourself (know what you are).

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