An Hour of Silence In Nature

Nature has its way of piloting the lives of humans in such a way that it tends to bring back or push forward a motive in us for a reason. 

It could start with a state of SILENCE. 

Our brains work faster in creativity especially when we are silent and alone. The rate of speed in thinking and reasoning within this period is usually limited. 

Conditionally, thoughts begin to rise as we turn ourselves on to the feelings of an alone stay. It might give other fellows the notion that the introverted lives of some persons at that stage have drained the life out of them, not being aware that it's nature carrying out its duty on them. 

But evidently, once in a while, humans need a space of their own, keep a company to themselves and avoid a side contribution to whatever they sought out. Alas, we can barely carve out much time on our own in this busy-filled globe. That is why this situation is usually sudden, unintentional or unwanted but once it captures a person's state of the mind unprepared, the human has to adapt for this meantime, perhaps, to observe what nature has in stock for it at that moment. 

A silent hour within your being is a medium nature uses to remind us of how peaceful and boring our state of living could be at the same time. 
Why is it both peaceful and boring? 
Well, It'sself-explanatory, PEACEFUL when alone and in absolute tranquillity, then BORING when we maintain that status for a long time. 

Also, Humans are like machines of different species in diverse positions in life, though they eat, have fun, freshen up and sleep… funny enough sleep is not any sort of a silent hour, reasons are because you are in a subconscious state and can't tell or discern what goes on around you at the time of your sleep.
This silent sudden state is involuntary and might be unwanted as I said above. It does not happen frequently but when it does, it carries us along without our consent and surprisingly we dance along. 

I don't know how explainable this is but I believe that there is an entity inside of us who we interact with within this short period of alone/silent time…

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