Boarding School and it's Shenanigans (Conclusion)


Grace's confession sent the school into an uproar. A lot of people were scared and the girls she pointed out as her fellow members were avoided like plagues. Two nights after I came back, night vigils were introduced, we were forced to wake up at night by midnight to pray for hours and still have to wake up as early as 5 am to go to mass.

Let's talk about the vigil I attended (the only one I attended). That particular night was between Grace and Blessing, Grace went all out for her, because she refused to succumb to their accusation, she tormented her that night. 

When I came in, Blessing was kneeling, Grace was standing beside her and there was the senior who I told you was the president or coordinator of the protestants.  Blessing was weeping, I mean seriously weeping cause they would hit her if Grace reveals something she claimed Blessing was doing in the spiritual world while they were standing there. The senior would ask her to slap Blessing.
I still wonder why Grace put her in that situation, what was her crime? I've never really seen them relate in or outside the class,  I can't even recall any sort of altercation between the two of them so I still ponder what the accusation was all about.
The 3 of the girls she mentioned were members agreed that they were witches except for Blessing and she never backed down and she was battered for it, the poor girl went through hell. 

Among the girls who confessed, Blessing was the one who was maltreated the most. Seniors would see her and start shouting 'Blood of Jesus' they will punish her unnecessarily, she went through a lot for a young girl at that age, hence the reason I admire her strength and confidence to date. 

Grace became a celebrity confession-er 😂(I don't know if that's the right word to use), and during these vigils, she was like the spokesperson.

Shortly after the confession, they said  Grace also mentioned other names but those ones were not witches. They were going to use them for sacrifice. Grace claimed that some of the names were mentioned by her culprits. I, on the other hand, was curious, I needed to hear this story from the horse's mouth, and since Grace was a friend and I wasn't scared of the whole thing (like I said it was quite funny to me), I asked for her private audience and it was granted.
One faithful afternoon, during the short break,  I took Grace and the three supposed sacrificial victims cause the three of the 5 were my friends. We went to a quiet place where we sat and I began to interview Grace. I was curious as to why my name was not mentioned, I mean, she mentioned people she had close contact with.  I told her if she had mentioned my name, their kingdom would have collapsed, I be God pikin, I no d fear any evil.

The whole school was in disarray back then. People stopped eating the dining food, people were falling sick a lot, parents threatened to withdraw their kid's cause parents were informed about the situation on visiting day. The visiting day after the confessions.
Grace claimed that witches were going to turn to our parents to visit us and the food they'd bring would be used to initiate us. Students went as far as cutting broomsticks to hit their parents to confirm authenticity.

Remembering all of these things now I just feel  Grace was probably possessed. Or she was just seeking attention so she had to come up with something, but I'm still trying to recollect why someone that young would cook up something that huge just for attention, I can't tell what her thought was or what went wrong.
A lot of my classmates didn't return to school after that term. All the self-proclaimed witches were expelled, and only Blessing was asked to return. 

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