Chioma's only Consolation is Gone

Death is an entity that has no empathy, cruel.

The news sprouted throughout the entire nation concerning the demise of a 3 year old son of our very own top celebrity by name, Davido. Yes, the news traveled quickly as a result of his status as one of the top celebrity babies in the country.

This sad news began as a rumour till it was confirmed as reality.

Ifeanyi Adelekune Jnr happened to be the first and only son of Davido having had two female kids from other women.

The account of Chioma passing through hell just to bring forth Ifeanyi to the world got her a lot of respect from Davido given that he was present during childbirth.

The idea of Davido and Chioma being together in love and Holy Matrimony has been greatly challenged by this disheartening situation at hand.

Out of all, its grief in the human heart to hear the news of death of any human, talk more of an infant.

Nigeria and the world at large currently mourns and are sincerely praying for consolation to the parents, especially for Chioma.

But come to think of it, Ifeanyi was the only consolation Chioma had, now he’s gone what will become of her?

What other consolation would likely be used to replace her former consolation?

The question now is where will the life of the celebrity’s social and love life with Chioma (His baby mama) which had made headlines on different social media amount to?

As a human who had witnessed the majority of yet to be married couples who had a baby knowingly or unknowingly and in the long run, they lost the baby… I must say that there is a low percent chance that they can still be together in the near future except they decide to make another baby which I am not sure will happen.

Ifeanyi David Adeleke is the first son of Nigerian Afrobeat singer Davido and Chioma Rowland popularly known as Chef Chi.

On November 1st, the little one just days after celebrating his third birthday was found dead in the pool.

From the look of things, one may say that the strongest connection between them at that moment is the offspring they brought to the world who is now late.

Now the deepest reality in this situation as a woman, her fixed point in the life of Davido was Ifeanyi.

After many ups and downs in the relationship, the arrival of Ifeanyi brought great consolation to her soul.


He is gone, forever

RIP Adeleke Jr

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