Elon Musk has sacked Nigerians and other Africans working in the Twitter office in Ghana.

The Ghana office was opened in April 2021 to serve as the headquarters of the company in Africa. 

This happened three days ago after they resumed physically since the company came to Africa, most of the workers were sacked on their first day of resumption. 

That, saddled with the purchase of Twitter, for which Musk has said he overpaid, the tycoon is looking for ways for Twitter to make more money and fast.

Guilty conscience they say fears no accusation… 

Nigerians' comment on this new outreach is hilarious. 

Speeches like;
  •  Hate speech
  •  Blame speech
  •  Supportive speech
  •  Defensive speech
  •  General speech
Were made by most Nigerian citizens because of this recent job loss event. 

Now, Why do Nigerians have the psyche that everything is about them? The sack was an all-around metier and it’s not only Nigerians that were sacked. Even Ghanaians and other Africans working there were sacked too. 

It’s a private company and he has a right to do what he feels is best for his company. We are aware that half of the citizens in Nigeria are fraudsters making other countries have special carefulness while dealing with any of them. 

I'm making an uproar on this because of the numerous comments by Nigerians on some media. If the sack exercise was only because of Nigerian citizens then I must say, none of the citizens would have been employed in the first place.

I'm not in the path of defending any party but the owner of the company did well.
(Elon Musk) because that is his company and to get the best from it is what he is concerned with. 

There is no sentiment in a lifetime set up (company), humans are so nonchalant in the affairs of other people's sweat. 

Musk only laid off workers. 

But in the human sense, having to resume physically three days ago after the company was moved to Africa since 2021 could have only been the major reason for the sacking spree. 

That's the height of it!

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