How are you?


How are you?
A question that requires true replies but is usually accompanied by lies..
These lies holds secrets that only the receiver of the question holds..

While some cook up lies to get attention, get sympathy, or funds, others cover up all their burdens and lie that they are fine.
Not because they don't want you to know their pain, but because they don't think you can handle their predicament or they simply don't want to bother you.

The one's who lie to get attention and for other selfish reasons don't believe the truth can get them these things or if the people around them would bother about them if they are fine. The only way they can get things from people is by lying.
Some do it out of selfishness, others just can't help it.. Whichever way, it's still them being selfish.

For those who lie to hide their pains, please talk about it. Yes, some people don't have the ability of understanding situations or managing them, so when you vent, they don't get it, they feel you are overreacting or over stressing, but you still need to vent, venting helps a lot.. It is like an easy therapy, so long as you express your feelings, you'd feel better. 

Some people may not have the right words, but they listen, they comfort you in Little ways that they can, they probably are not good with words. They probably won't say the things you wanna hear but they are there for you.

The world is so dark right now but they are still good people. Talk to family, talk to friends, talk to strangers if need be, bottling up things makes it worse. Relieve yourself of that heavy burden and breath.

So, next time, when you are asked "How are you?" Take a deep breath and just let it all out. Some of us want to listen. 

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