Know this and Know Peace. (The Bible is more than a Spiritual Manual)

If you ever think that reading the Bible means being too religious and that you find it hard to read, this means your versatility as a human is somewhat limited as an intellectual that you think you are.

The Bible is an advanced philosophical, motivational, and handy manual for any human living on earth. I don’t want to talk about the Quran because this piece is majorly directed at Christians.

Humans run away from this book because it has this description of the "Bible” written on the book cover. They also run away from it because it is big and cumbersome and believe me there is a great percentage of lazy folks towards reading.

We buy motivational books to read or even subscribe to daily motivational messages because we seek words to boost our strength and explain situations within us when we already have both the manual and the mobile from the on set (the Bible).

Let me take for instance this part of the bible that explains soft answers which turn away wrath… if you closely examine this quote, it is a reality. It isn’t a prayer rather I call it a quote, a truthful one.

The only difference I find between the bible and other intellectual books is that bible is believed to be sacred and holy, written with the inspiration of God.

In all, this is directed at Christians who ignore the inherent and seek other mediums.

They also ignore this inheritance as Christians because they do not want to feel guilty if they peradventure read a passage that gives reproof to the bad, that they have chosen to do.

Funny enough, Christians divide evil into two and choose the part which they love to do, this also applies to doing good...

Many of us have chosen either the bad or the good of convenience.

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