My Entanglement Pt. 1


Sometime in July 2020, a friend of mine called to inform me of her wedding that'd be coming up in August and asked if I'd be available to attend and also do her makeup.

I was excited, we spoke and made all the necessary arrangements. The traditional marriage was in a village in Benue while the wedding was in Abuja. They were vehicles made available for people willing to attend the traditional marriage from Abuja.

On the faithful morning we were to travel, I went to the point of meeting, called my friend's husband to be and he directed me. Most of the people there were oldies, we were just two young ladies there. Somehow all the guys were being unnecessarily nice and asking that I join their vehicle. I was feeling myself that morning.
Las las, the groom took me to the car the best man and one other guy would be driving in and then asked the other lady to join us. This other guy has been acting overly nice and I must confess, from all the guys, he was the one that somewhat ticked my fancy. I was actually glad I entered that vehicle. 

Throughout the journey, we talked, like a lot. Questions were asked and answers were given. I was beginning to enjoy our conversation. This dude was calm and funny too (I'm a sucker for funny people, not just men).
We arrived in Otukpo and lodged cause they didn't have hotels enough in the village, we were gonna go there the next morning. Since it was my town, I took them round to find affordable and clean hotels but the ones available were either expensive for them, overbooked or not good at all. 
After parading corners of the town, we finally settled for one. My dear friend who is a mutual friend to the bride came from Makurdi, the bride came around with food for us but it wasn't enough cause one of the vehicles that came with us had a little accident on their way (they hit a bike man) so they were trying to attend to the situation, so we went to buy more to keep for them. 

Around 10pm or so, these other people had arrived so we had to come downstairs to serve them. My friend and I did and when we were done, we were heading to bed when I heard someone running after us and beckoning on me to hold on. I did, he walked towards me and then started chyking me, he said he likes my body size and how gracefully I was serving them yadi yadi yadi, I told him I'd give him my number the next day that I wanted to go to bed as I was asleep before I got called to come serve them..

I love sound and eloquent people, if you speak proper English, I love you. Yes, English no be our language, but it is required in every sector (schools, offices, markets etc) in Nigeria. If you are educated, I expect you to know how to differentiate between present and past tense. I love good clean accents too, but you see forced ones, e d vex me. I'd rather you speak good grammar with your Igbotic accent than use fake accent, and that was exactly what this my brother was doing.

Whilst he was still begging for my number, the guy I traveled with, let's call him "Jerry" was coming downstairs, Jerry looked so tired as he had to go meet those who had that little accident to help them sort things out, he saw me talking to this guy, let's call him "Tom" ☺ and his countenance changed immediately. I asked if he had eaten, he said no, in a very snobbish way (oga don dey form owner already o). He just walked past us and went ahead. I told this other guy off and went in to sleep.. 
That was the beginning of the entanglement..

To be Continued...

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