Self Pity, the Discourager of Happiness

We all have different demons we are fighting. Maybe not everyone, but most of us, but how are we dealing with it?

Let's get personal a bit.
I used to wallow in self-pity, I enjoyed telling people about my difficulties more than my success. I used to lie to myself that I don't like people feeling sorry for me, but I later realized I was giving them reasons to unconsciously.
I'd tell you how I have had it worse, how terrible my day, week, month, or year went with sour events everywhere. Not because I need something from them, but maybe just to prove that I am also going through a lot.
A dear friend recently would stylishly tease me when I make some comments or when I refuse to accept something good. I'd rather glorify my poor state and that opened my eyes.
I'd buy a new dress or shoes and if he says "see big girl na" instead of going with "Na  God de bless me o" I'd start recounting how the money came about and probably add how my upcoming week would be bloody for spending the money.

I got to realize I was into more of the negatives happening in my life than the positives and that blocked me from seeing all the good things around me. I pondered more on the bad than the good and that was really depressing.

Right now, I have decided to focus more on the bright side of my life. I started it recently and believe me, my worries are reduced. If you tell me you are shining, I'd reply with a smile and say "God has been really good" If you say I have money, I will say "Amen o, it's God's doing"
More positive things are happening now and  even when the bad ones comes, I barely pay attention..

Stop competing for the position of who is suffering more.
Stop focusing more on the bad things going on in your life, 
Focus on the positive no matter how small, make it seem big and I promise you will feel it that way.
The more you think about your problems, especially the ones you don't have control over, the more unhappy you'd be.
I know it's easier said than done, but step by step, one day at a time, practice by practice, you'd get there..


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