The Dark Book (Chapter Three)

It was getting late and I had already gotten to the last page of the book when Miss Lucy reminded me that it was getting late. I never wanted to leave the books, I wanted to read everything on the shelve. 

The moment I stood up, I remembered the home that I'm going back to. It was very obvious how the yelling of the night was going to sound. 

Miss Lucy and I walked down the streets and hopped into a vehicle, meanwhile my entire being was still perambulating around the context of the new book I had started to read. 

“Where are you coming back from, young lady?” 

"I've been at the Library, Dad”

At that moment, when I answered him, he took a step back and sat on his armchair, gazing weirdly at me. I wanted to ask him what went wrong but I decided to keep to myself and left for my room. I didn't care about the others in the house. 

I quickly went to the washroom to have a bath. In front of the mirror while I was brushing my teeth I noticed a dark shade behind me which when I turned back I wouldn't see it. I felt a little bit thrilled but not too scared, I inferred that it was my imagination. 

I came downstairs for dinner when I realized there was none left. I decided to make a pancake, right there my brother came over to the table to bully me. He kept throwing nuts at me while I was trying to prepare the pancake and in my greatest shock, I grew very angry and hit him so hard on the chest which threw him very far to the other side of the room and landed him on the floor. 

I never knew what came over me, I retracted my hands and rushed over to him with my parents and, we noticed he stopped breathing. 
At the hospital, the doctor said he was already dead…

To Be Continued...

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