The Dark book (Conclusion)

"What are you?”

That was the only question my parents could ask me. I was fidgeting because I couldn't tell the circumstances behind my actions. 

That night, we all sat at the hospital and my brother was being deposited in the morgue. I kept wondering, pondering, and hoping that it was all my imagination perhaps from one of the books I have read so far… 

My Dad grabbed me in the hair and pulled me up while pointing a pistol at my face, his face filled with rage. I thought that was fate for me till my mom rushed over for my rescue pleading and wailing. 

“Let her go please, you would go to jail if you kill her, and if I am left alone in this empty world with no one”

At last, he released me. 

I ran back to the Library, my only solace, and friend. I met Miss Lucy but couldn't open up to her about what transpired rather I made my way to the bookshelf. 

I got out the second dusty and creepy book, and to my greatest shock, it spoke to me… 

"Are you glad getting one of your worries out of the way? I helped you get rid of your brother, I noticed he's been making life a living hell for Ya”

"What are you? I never asked for your help, even if I needed help not to kill him! How did you even get me to do that?! "

“The moment you started these books with so much interest and focused with such pure heart was the day you unlocked me and your body became mine. The book got you if not you wouldn't run back to read another piece even after the incident”

"I don't have anything to do with you demon, you killed my brother and I will never belong to you! "

I never knew what gave me such the nerve to speak back to a voice without a body. I took off running towards the hallway and right there I bumped into Miss Lucy. 

“What is after you, my child?” 

Right there, Miss Lucy looked like a threat to me I clutched her on the neck pulled her up, and strangled her right in that spot…. 

“What is wrong with me!!! "

I kept yelling and yelling, there was no one there. I climbed over to the rooftop and jumped from the edge, as I was moving down with great speed, I then realized what I did to myself. While floating in the air I gave the last consolation to myself... 

"I was only purchased, apparently I don't belong anywhere"

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