The Human Brain

The brain constitutes of diverse parts that soothe a human function. 

It is an internal device implanted in humans naturally that governs our innovations, out-pours and other intelligible features. It grants us access to which contributions and decisions are given out. 

It fortifies confidence in the affairs with fellow humans. It is a bank for saving past events, and present events and even visualizing what could be or what any human desires in the hereafter. 

But there is one other feature that it possesses which finalizes the symbol of being a living entity. The brain slows down in speed and efficiency like a machine because that's what it is only when it is tired, like I said it's a living entity which performs a duty so fatigue is sure. 

The derailing part is triggered if the body that it works for is sick, hungry or mentally ill or dead. 

In a more extricable way, the brain can as well be empty, How? 
1. When it's not fed excellently with things it needs as a brain factory. 
2. When it's not being supplied with the integral materials needed for the production of a finished product.
It will look attractive when you, the brain owner expose it to the knowledge of other people (brains).

The brain can either make you or mar you depending on the supply of information. 
A human is being built intellectually only if he FIRST builds his brain according to his tidbit.

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