Writing and all its Hassles

Back in Secondary School.. Right from my Jss1, I'd pick a notebook and write short dramas. I sometimes don't think about these stories, they just come to me. Immediately I pick up my pen and starts one, things just start pouring in. 
Writing was so easy then, this was because my immediate younger sister was buying the then popular Hints magazines and other interesting books I had around me at home, I would snick and hide to read romantic and sensual stories and be thrilled. I read a lot of those I swear, good thing I never wanted to re-enact them cos most of them were filled with violence, betrayal, distress and untrue activities. 
Me on the other hand had always been a lover girl. I didn't want any of that... 
I was gonna become a movie writer in the future (still a dream). 
I remember in Jss3 one of the clubs I was in made use of one of my stories, I never wanted anybody to see what I wrote, they were strictly for the directors and producers I was gonna meet in future. 
Unfortunately, a friend of mine who thought I was awesome and my work needed to be seen took it to the president of the club. It was an incomplete story but I sort of gave it an impromptu ending.  
I never got back that notebook😒 (part of the reason I never wanted them out in the first place). .
That was the first of the many that I lost over the years.. 
Few years later, I got lazy, went blank (writers block), no more inspiration, I stopped reading and other unnecessary excuses like procrastination contributed. 

Even though all of the above happened. I was still living in that thought of becoming a writer in the future and also playing roles in my movies.
In my 100L, the mojo was back, but this time, I had more story lines in my head than I was putting down. I would pick up a pen and start, only to stop at the introduction. Some I'd get to the middle then get lazy or go blank. 
Eventually I stopped writing totally. Kept writing down story lines in a book I don't know it's whereabouts till today. 
I remember how people would DM me on Facebook and compliment my writing skills,  I dunno how I didn't use that as a push, I just became entirely lazy and procrastinated a whole lot. In fact! I felt people don't read anymore, especially if it's too long. I mean, I was one of these people, so it discouraged me more.

I know there are people like me out there who faced or are still facing this same problem of wanting to write or read more but have lost the push. 
Good news is, I have decided to wake that part of me up. Yes! I am going to be dropping fun and intriguing stories here every now and then (watch this space), you should too. 
There's no better time, trust me. 
Pick up a notebook and a pen and start writing that story, that event, that drama, that fiction that you have been meaning to write, let's encourage each other and also contribute to society by making reading fun!!! 
It might seem difficult but it is doable.
I am rooting for you, no fall my hand abeg.


  1. We'd be waiting eagerly...

  2. Thank you for picking the pen again.
    I'll love to read all you put down. God's grace and speed.

  3. I am glad that you are rooting for me, I will try not to fall your hand. Nice and and an interesting piece to read, I will stay tuned to more of your stories and pieces.

  4. Interesting, I remember I used to write in secondary school too, I gave my brother two stories to help publish but he never did.

  5. Looking forward to journeying with you..


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