Are Women the Enemies of Women?

Is rudeness necessary amongst women? 

I saw a post where a man was making some emphasis on how he usually imagines how women feel jealous when they talk about 'Bro codes' among themselves. I smiled within me and  gave a remark 'fake humans don't deal with codes'

Over and over, it's being revealed that women are more likely to experience incivility from other women than men. This is rather seen as a “stereotypical gender norm”. Psychologically, women see themselves as competitors. Who don’t know that feeling competitive with anybody on any ground is destructive? 

That feeling of competing without even knowing the competitor in person always leads them to being rude and saucy to each other. Women have this special effect of rudeness built in them, but to avoid being untrue I wouldn't like to generalize these features. 
I'd say the majority of the women folks but not all. If women were the only gender in this world, the world will always be in chaos. Let's dig in, taking instances from the women in some banks in Nigeria! I have to be homely in talking about this particular one. 
I want to ask if it is necessary to be rude to people because you are in a position to assist them? 
I want to use this as an appeal to female bankers to quit this illegal act of theirs. Yes, it is illegal, why be rude to someone you just met for the first time? 

Psychologically, women are species that see their fellow gender as trash. They have this striking feature of hate towards their fellow gender without any cause or effect. It takes a whole lot of sweat to see a woman who is neutral to another woman without trying to act bossy. Women at working places, mostly in corporate organizations tend to make it obvious how they can't stand being a senior or a junior colleague to each other. 
The evidence is clear. 
Unlike the male folk who live life freely without having a crazy attitude of being saucy towards themselves.

Have you seen a polite and kind woman in power? 
It's hard to find and barely seen. They never lie low, their pride is always high as the mountains, building in them their spirit of rudeness. They never want to be convinced that there are equal rights to live amongst themselves despite their status. 
Women, rather than building each other up and helping, sometimes tear each other down. At the end of the day, some women folks will rise and call themselves Feminists when you can't stand in for your fellow woman without trying to feel dominant in the circle. 

It burdens my heart when there is no atom of compatible features among women, always filling their hearts with saucy behaviour towards each other. People might end up concluding that it is a natural phenomenon and keep on with the evil that they do. We believe it’s a natural phenomenon but if you continue giving such excuses we will end up building that philosophy that will be hard to deviate from. 
It is devilish and ultimately evil. 
Sometimes, we should put ourselves in other people's shoes when we do badly to them. 

Dear women, it doesn't pay to unnecessarily be cold and saucy to your fellow woman. It doesn't bring you to a height that no one has attained. That is why they end up getting into a fight with their husband's or boyfriend's side chick without caution to blaming the man who claims he is in love with them, and this is because of the hatred they harbour in their hearts for their fellow women. 
My Heart Bleeds
Rudeness only shrinks you, you might look beautiful but your heart is ugly. Be openhearted not only to men but to your fellow woman too, simple.

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