Black Panther: Wakanda

Permit me to talk about "Black Panther” from a point of view in this article. This movie's set was an African country, Rwanda. 

Have you wondered why one could dislike a particular feature about him and some other people long to have that same or a part of the features too?
In one of my posts here, I pin pointed out how man is unique in their different personality and with the widest imagination, it is true. This explanation Is going towards the direction of the African accent in this movie. 

The fact that some of the actors were unable to produce the African accent exactly the way it should sound makes them unintelligible to that particular part about us. 

 Somebody gave this contribution towards what he observed in the movie, said:

"Anytime the westerners want to make a movie that portrays the African culture, they should use real African actors and not black Americans acting like Africans.  They were so unreal.
I would correct his statement by saying, SOME were unreal, it shouldn't be generalized because many tried to portray the African personality even when they are not. 

Some other person said: 

"Even if they want to use Western actors, they should stop talking like Africans are dumb".
Yes! This particular one created a humorous atmosphere. Well, this can also be redirected to Africans too who try to portray the accent or behaviour of westerners and portray it as ugly and unpleasant. 
For me, I would say one of the features of humanity is to copy what they don't have as a feature in them. In the same way, Africans would love to borrow the westerners' accents, that is the same way the Westerners would love to borrow and use that of Africans too. 
It is our duty as humans to be PROUD of the distinct part of the world we come from. 

Secondly, the movie is attributed to the UNITY of Africans all over the world. Black Panther isn’t just entertainment, it’s a statement. We can see many issues in the black community play out in this movie, the main one being the lack of unity.

Someone might asked: 

must black people divide themselves into nationalities and ethnicity, instead
of embracing one another as all being part of the same team?

I would say that it wouldn't entirely be the fault of Africans as a whole, but instead of thinking back to the ethnicity division, let us try hard to bring in LOVE which will be followed by UNITY. The ethical division wouldn’t be a problem because we are already used to that. 

The king of Wakanda gave a chronic conclusion on this: 

 “We will work to be an example of how the brothers and sisters of this Earth should treat each other. We must find a way to look after one another as if we are members of the same tribe,”

In real life, if more black people did this for one another, maybe an all-powerful technologically advanced black nation wouldn’t ONLY be found in a Marvel comic book.

 So touching...

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