How to be loyal to your Alarm Timer (Conclusion)

Loyalty has to do with devotion. Being loyal to your alarm is more like treating it as your boss meaning you are entitled to Obey it at your duty calls. It is one of the most devices that could train humans through disturbance and into something that would benefit only the human. This is one of the most selfless devices ever invented.
With a challenging fact, I could stand my ground to say that alarm sounds doesn't have to be every day because a consistent practice of something gets us acquainted and becomes a habitual act. But, the human body system is not always the same, meaning most of us cannot juggle with a constant effect quickly. 

Some factors hinder loyalty which you should try to avoid, we might complain of not being able to stay woke when the alarms beep us out of sleep. It happens a lot of times but I could tell you why. 

Sleep hours;
The reason is that you slept late and you're YET to accept what you're in for. Either of these two is the cause. 
Let us take, for example, a beginner, who sets an alarm and sleeps 3-4hours before that time (remember I said as a beginner) how then do you think it is possible to stay up and head into your purpose for waking at an odd hour? And  then at the end, you conclude by saying "…alarms are not for me”
Sleep at least 6-7hours before the time your alarm beep, that will only help way as a BEGINNER so you won't feel grumpy or even give up if your sleep might have been cut short. 
That is why when one is ready to try out something new, he should do it in the right way so he gets to enjoy it. 
Also, who in his right mind would set an alarm and when the alarm beeps, you fume in anger, this means you're not ready to serve the term to be rewarded. In some cases, no matter the time they had slept, as long as it's an alarm that gave an opening to their eyes demanding work to be done, they feel angry and uncomfortable. In this case, I see it as being hilarious. 

Now let's get on to the food part, there is a special awareness that without being told you had already got the knowledge that food in Nigeria is like a jungle. This has brought about being economical but there are positive and negative means of managing our resources, especially food which I'm going to explain now. 
I knew a priest then who will keep many yams to manage for a long duration, only for all to get damaged and even goats can't eat. Management is not to save 10 nairas and lose 100 nairas. You trek to manage money and spend x10 to treat yourself because of trekking, who are you cheating or perhaps trying to impress?
Food is the most confidential and reliable medicinal alliance. Please feed well if you desire a nice turn up from your body. In all we do, wisdom is needed. 

In conclusion, being loyal to your alarm clock demands these four fundamental things to lead you through your serving term. 

1) Self-motivation (in PT 1)
2) Your sleep,
3) Your Preparedness and then 
4) Your food 
.........needs to be put in place if you're ready to go down this lane. 

We must learn a lesson today…

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