Somewhere In Africa (PT 1)

‘Papa, what do you think we should do now the gods are unable to find a solution yet?’ 

‘Taar NWA machionu! Who told you that the gods are unable to find a solution? Are you wiser than the gods? Do not bring a curse upon this family with your flimsy words.’

Adebola whose name was also Echezona because his mother was from the Yoruba nation while his dad was from the Igbo nation (bilingual), innocently asked his traditionally rooted father a question concerning the trouble in the community which the gods were yet to solve. In Umunkwo village, the sun rays of that part of the world decided not to peak out from its resting dome. The entire village was darkness continuously and there was no way to tell if it was morning or night. They believed that the gods had a reason for this and not an inability to control the situation. 

He was 25 years old and was always in the turmoil of trying so hard to change his father's mind about him still being a child. All his life, he had never had a straight conversation with his father without his father shutting him up at some point with the pronunciation that he was still a child. Adebola was not a dumb child neither was he unwise to the situations concerning life. 

In this community somewhere in Africa, there's a great distinction between the young and the old and if you're not yet 40 and married, your opinion on any matter will never be considered. 

This is the society Adebola grew up in. But Adebola's case was different because he never shut his mouth especially when he was entitled to speak despite the elders in the forum. 

‘Pap what are you saying, how could a part of the world be dark and perilous both morning and night when the land has not committed any abominations yet? And you still believe the gods have total control of what is going on!? "

‘Heww Nwatakiri ga araputakwanu mu oo. If not for one thing Echezona, if not that you're my online son, I would have served you as a sacrifice to the gods!’ 

‘Haba papa Kilode!? Ogini? Every member of this community should stop getting unnecessarily scared and ask the chief priests questions. That is why you people are so head-bent on whatever decisions only the old make, disregarding the young who are brain filled with wisdom and common sense. 

Papa first thing tomorrow morning, what am I even saying, there's no more morning here. Once I sleep for a while and wake up, I'm going to the shrine to ask these questions myself.’

His father stared at him with both anger and sorrowful eyes as he walked into the room and slammed the door behind him. 

To be continued…

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