Taking Corrections

Correction can be defined as the refinement of a mistaken production of anything, either physical or abstract. Any human can always acknowledge the mannerism of the error being made and refine it into a seemingly acceptable atom and this is what makes a person a catalyst for success. 

Most times, life gets so straight that you think people receive your impact as you pass through the straight route, but the bitter truth is that they might not have seen you pass either… that's why sometimes life paths are filled with potholes, not to punish us but to allow people glance at our impact and also buy it as you slow down to cross a pothole.
So, we drive through that straight path thinking that we're creating an impression while we're not, we're merely speeding away from impactful encounters. Sometimes when we're being told to at least take correction by taking the right route in life which is usually crooked and rough, we usually think that those persons offering us such advice don't want our good living. 
They're trying to prevent us from speeding away from the appreciation and rewards we're meant to receive and give out as we journey. 

Also, I can't deny the fact that most people are addicted to fishing out People's wrongdoing or their weaknesses by always enforcing corrections on other people while in contrast, taking an all-night study about their (people who correct) lives, you would realize that theirs is worse than yours; but as a person with a sound mind, I beseech you to apply the corrections first if and only if you've examined intensively and then realize that you need to adjust, then do so.  It is for our growth and a forward step to success. 

A young girl I know, proudly told me that her mom lived a very rough life while she was young and why won't she do the same? I invariably opined that she has not yet understood what life stands to give. Probably the mother must be trying to correct her way of life but she, the daughter, held unto the fact her mother cannot stop her from doing what she had already done in the past.
The wisdom they say is given to those who seek it. No human can be 100% accepted by society, but as a person fight so that the majority of your followers will be greater than those who castigate you. A human being has a limit to which they can stretch themselves through correction taken, never the less, once you know that you are unable to adjust to that type of correction please don't kill yourself, because humans can never be pleased. 

In conclusion, try not to be an enemy to yourself by using one's present or past background to rub off an appeal he or she has placed on your table for a change of your attitude. Wise men listen to good words that proceed out of a person and care less about the life of the person who is saying it. 

 Take Correction today…

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