The Entitlement Mentality

Since my journey home for the holiday, I have heard and seen a lot that interested me and also somehow would boost my writing. I would be very happy to share everything with you guys..

One of the first things that caught my attention was a group of women discussing Christmas and it's challenges and how throughout the past 11 months none of them had personal plans for their kids. They didn't plan to get them clothes, shoes etc., all they had in mind was billing someone else.

One complained about how her husband refused to give her money for food items not to talk of clothing, how she was forced to remove from her money to get at least a chicken and then got some clothes for the children. I am not gonna applaud her husband for his irresponsibility, but I don't know the situation in their family or how the conversation went so I will just focus on the woman.
The other one complained bitterly about how she asked her brother to buy Christmas clothes for her kids and he refused, so she is mad at him, meanwhile, this brother of hers has his own family to cater for.

They all had their different self-pity stories, it was almost as if they were in competition as to who had the most pathetic story. 

The reason I was angry hearing all of these stories from these women was the fact that they all came for their weekly contribution meeting, this is a meeting where they contribute 5000 every week. 
I was almost going to give an opinion in their discussion and asked them some questions, but (in pidgin) make them no say person dey disrespect them because you I come from city, I just had to reserve my comment.
I mean, if you have something doing that enables you to save that much weekly, how come;
You can't save for your kids or what you'd eat on Christmas day?
Why are you angry that other people can't take care of the children you brought into the world? 
Why do you have more kids than what you can cater for? 
Why do you think it has to be the duty of another person taking care of your own kids?
Why? Why?? Why???

After that passed, I was chatting with my mom and she told me how my neighbor was grumbling over what her in-law sent to her. He sent his brother to bring a chicken and some tubers of yam, and she was telling my mom she's sure her in-law gave the brother more money than what he bought. Hia! Chicken that they are selling for 8k or above? Another entitled human being. 

I told my mom this. It is funny how people feel they are entitled to anyone's riches no matter how close your relationship is with that person. If someone as much as gives you a peanut, collect it, be grateful for them giving without you asking at all.. 
Even if you asked and they give you less than you expect, still be thankful. I am not saying there are no stingy people, (in pidgin) but if no be your money, no feel say you deserve more or the person suppose do for you. Na so witchcraft dey take start. 

Strive to provide for yourself and your family instead of waiting on others, it is not easy out here, but it is always better if you are the giver than the taker.

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