The Heart is not that perfect, Why Should we follow it?

I think the heart is the most manipulative organ on earth. I am always mad when people don't know the advise to give you so they end up with "follow your heart" 
I feel it's you asking someone to go jump off a cliff. The heart will mislead you in so many ways.
The heart is capable of loving more than one person, how do you follow something that confused, delicate and vulnerable?
The heart is too slow to comprehend information or separate love from lust or foolishness.
The heart makes you feel you can make changes. So it encourages you to water dead feelings.
The heart pushes you to make stupid decisions and when it backfires, instead of holding you up and helping you face the consequences, it coils up in it's blanket and starts aching, it starts feeling like it's bleeding nonstop in there, you can't control any emotions so you start weeping, it fails to protect you so you start feeling like your other organs are malfunctioning, nothing seems to be working fine. 
It abandons you and you just feel the hurt, the agony, the betrayal, and the loss over and over again.

The heart should just stick to pumping blood.. I think that's it's best job yet.

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