We Must Be Set to Receive Before We Ask from God

It is okay for us to wish for things. Things that will move us to the next level or things to keep us going. But when these things are handed to us, we either back out or start relenting.

I remember when a friend told me she needed a job, she was so eager to find something. She said she was ready to move to another state if the need arises. Few days later I sent her a vacancy for a Job in Abuja, when she got it, surprisingly the excitement in her voice dropped and then all of a sudden she's not ready. 
She started talking about how its gonna be hard moving to a different place and how she's not buoyant to even go for the interview.

I don't know why but I was upset, I didn't say anything to her but I was really mad. Few weeks later, I sent another ad but luckily, this was in her town. Again, she had excuses to make, this time it was about the payment. It was according to her, "too small."

After that day, I stopped bothering about her and her unemployment issues.

One thing  I learnt from that incident is how unprepared we are for the things we hope and pray for.
You have been asking God for a job, but when it comes, we aren't ready to pick it.
We ask for so many things but with very little preparedness for when it comes.

Here's a tip, when next you pray or demand for something, make sure you are ready for when it comes. Being unprepared is the father of procrastination. If you are not physically, mentally or financially ready you won't make any move when blessed with an opportunity. 
Set your mind to something so that when you get it, you won't have room for doubts or unnecessary debates.

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