New Music: Godman - Ado


ADO (Aninwede Daniel Onyemaechi), a seasoned songwriter and singer, has provided a timely solution to Nigeria's peculiar and greatest challenge "Bad Leadership". ADO, who believes that “loving and serving God will solve 99.9% of all human problems,” decided to pass on this melodious message titled; #GODMAN, which is the first song on his upcoming #PROPHECY album. Download Lyrics Here

“As the name implies (Godman), that’s God and man, which simply connotes that the only solution to the world’s major challenge "Bad leadership" is a MAN who has been enveloped by GOD. A man whose wills and thoughts are directed by GOD,”. On a clearer xray of the song title #Godman, you will notice two entities.
One superior to the other. 
In order to bring the superior’s will to come, the superior must take over the inferior. And you and I both know that God’s will for His people can never be evil. Educated people, tall and short, wealthy and wise, have ruled us all since the beginning, yet we are still looking for the Messiah, who must be a GODMAN.”

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