A Mozambique pastor died on attempting to imitate Jesus Christ's fasting for 40 consecutive days.

Was reported Two days ago, that a 39-year-old went straight fasting without food and water.

I was bemused that I didn't talk about it till today. 

Meanwhile, one of the MOG that I know clarified the matter by saying: 

He was fasting in the flesh. Anything done in the flesh will produce consequences. He wanted to beat the record and that's what made it in the flesh”

This, I agree with. 
Some people believe in diverse religions yet they are unable to understand the hub of their belief. It is never a crime to fast longer than expected as a Christian but make sure that you are not acting according to your flesh(challenge).

In terms of religions, it's always a deal with the spiritual realm and anything against that is a case. 

Also, looking at the supposed reason of the pastor, I feel he only tried to do the same way his master had done during the time he was on earth. Since we believe that we are all created in the image of God, then we can be able to do what he had done. 

He would have successfully done it, but then it was out of his flesh desires, that is, to beat the record. 

Challenge and competition are good, at least it helps in personal development. But then, most reasons for challenges humans engage in are not always for their personal development but also for insight into the fact that they are higher than others. 

And that is where we get it all wrong and might cause us harm. 

Life could be very simple and easier if there are no rules, and even if there are rules, abide by them. 


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